Affiliated Societies

The Whitgiftian Association is keen to encourage the formation of special interest groups in which its members can be actively involved. Such groups provide OWs with the opportunity to extend and develop friendships made at school, as well as nurturing shared skills, interests and talents through regular meetings, excursions, competitions and other planned activities.

Once formed, Affiliated Clubs and Societies are fully supported by the WA Office, including assisting with all the above as well as reporting their activities on the WA website (either on the main site or through a link to their own site, or both), and in the bi-monthly WA News as well as assistance with database management and full administrative back-up. The WA is also usually able to help with venues for meetings either at the School or at the Whitgift Sports Club in Croham Road with hire charges either waived or significantly reduced, subject to availability.

The WA already has flourishing Affiliated Clubs and Societies covering the following interests and activities: Golf, Shooting, Chess, Fives, Corps of Drums, Prayer Fellowship and Sailing. Details of these can be obtained from the WA office. It also works closely with the Whitgift Sports Club which provides Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Soccer for alumni and the community at its Clubhouse in Croham Road as well as Water Polo at Haling Park.

Members are invited to set up Affiliated Clubs in new areas, such as: Theatre, Drama, Music, Debating, Literature, History, Dining, Wine, etc, or any other pastime, sport or activity - as well as by profession and occupation.

For the sake of clarity, and to assist those wishing to set up a WA Affiliated Club or Society, we would refer you to the following set of guidelines. Should you require any further information, please call the WA office on 020 8688 9222 who will be pleased to help. Or go to the WA website at:


A Appoint a Secretary of the club/society who is an OW and a fully paid-up member of the Whitgiftian Association or the Whitgift Sports Club and who is prepared to oversee the day-to-day activities of the Club/Society, including sending occasional short reports to the WA office for publication in our newsletter.

B Appoint a committee of at least two other members, one of whom should act as Treasurer.

C No less than two thirds of the club/society’s members should be paid-up members of the WA or the Whitgift Sports Club. This includes AMS members during the period of their pre-paid membership since leaving school.

D The club/society will charge an annual membership in its own right of no less than £10 per annum with no upper limit, depending upon its anticipated running costs which must be covered either by membership fees or, where appropriate, sponsorship or other means.

E The Secretary of the club/society should on request and at least annually provide the WA office with its current list of members, together with full contact details, as well as a brief financial statement of its affairs.