Old Whitgiftian Fives Club

Get your gloves out (or borrow a pair!)… If you’ve enjoyed playing Fives – whether recently or longer ago – the OW Fives Club would be pleased to welcome you back onto court. The Club plays regularly most Thursday evenings at the school courts – with the added incentive of socialising at the Clubhouse afterwards for those who want to!

Whether you live in the area and want to play regularly, or fancy just popping down for a game during University holidays, we’d be pleased to see you.

The Club has a good mix of players of different ages and standards, and welcomes new or returning players.

Please drop a message to Nick Woolfenden (nickw5s@hotmail.com) if you’d like to play or want any more info – and feel free to ask to borrow a pair of gloves to get (re)started if yours have gone missing (or disintegrated!).

Nick Woolfenden OW (1986-94), Hon. Sec, OW5s Club