OW Fives Club

The run up to the 2013-14 Fives season was given a boost when more than fifty players and supporters from across the country gathered at Whitgift as host for the Rugby Fives Association London Open tournament.

Old Whits Tony Hamilton and Nick Woolfenden joined a throng of the country’s top players for a great mid-September weekend of Fives. Whilst no trophies were forthcoming for the home entrants, a thoroughly entertaining weekend of top-quality Fives was had by all.

With four courts Whitgift served as a good venue for this event which moves locations annually, raising the profile of Whitgift with a wide range of players from across the country. We hope its success will lead to future national events coming to the school.

Spurred on by this pre-season appetizer, the Old Whits took on the RFA for our first match of the 2013-14 season in mid-October.  With gratitude to all who played, including two late-notice stand-ins as our squad was hit by injuries, the OWs put in a respectable performance. However the strong RFA team (including a former national number 1 player) ultimately proved victorious.

We look forward to the forthcoming season. As always do contact Nick Woolfenden (nickw5s@hotmail.com) if you’d like to play sociably (most Thursday evenings, and some Sundays) or competitively – all welcome!

Nick Woolfenden


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