OWGS Calendar 2019

OWGS Calendar 2017

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Note 1. The Peter Kenyon Bowl is open to any old boys of the Halford Hewitt schools. Foursomes competition. Max handicap allowed 18. Further details can be obtained from the Secretary.
Other team competitions are played off scratch and therefore the OW team is selected by the team captain from the best OW golfers available.
The Halford Hewitt is organised by the Public Schools Golf Society, and contested by the same 64 schools each year.
The Grafton Morrish is organised by the Public Schools Old Boys Golf Association and runs regional qualifying to determine the 48 finalists each year.
The Cyril Gray is for players over 50 and is contested each year by the last 32 schools to have entered the Halford Hewitt.
The Cyril Gray Seniors is for one pair per school with a combined age of 140 years or more.
Note 2. The main social event of the year is the annual dinner which immediately follows the AGM.
Note 3, Anyone wishing to play in matches should contact the match manager. Any restrictions on selection are noted against each fixture above.
Note 4. The Scratch Cup is principally a trial for the Halford Hewitt and no handicaps are allowed. If there is sufficient space, all members are welcome to play.
Other open competitions are open to all members, regardless of handicap, and played off full handicap (although past year winners are awarded a ‘society cut’).
Trophies, the oldest of which is the Hornsey Walker Cup, are awarded to the winner of each open competition.
Members’ guests, male or female, are welcome at all open meetings, although such guests cannot win one of the trophies.
Invitations to matches and events are circulated by email by the Secretary (peterbgale@sky.com).
There is a cost of entry to cover green fees, meal etc. Please ensure your email address is up to date and available to the secretary.
The Challenge Cup is an annual knockout competition open to all members, played off handicap. The draw is made at the annual dinner, so entries must be received by then.
The player drawn first can choose the venue for each match. The loser pays any green fee (hence everyone except the eventual winner pays one green fee).