There are many OWs who are keen to support and assist school leavers in finding work experience and job opportunities.

For opportunities in the following sectors, current Whitgiftians and recent leavers may contact the OWs named below (click their name to send an email):-

City / Finance Nick Somers (1984-89)

BankingKeith Hopkins (1976-84), Stuart Woodrow (1968-75)

MedicineDr Sam Barke (2000-2005)

Marketing / CommunicationsJonathan Bunn (1980-88)

If you are an OW and would like your name and contact details to appear on this page to assist school leavers, please advise the Office immediately.

There are many social media groups that will be of interest to OWs in the jobs market or looking to find out more about opportunities. Please follow the links below for more information:-



Old Whitgiftian Medical Society – a closed group for OWs in the medical profession or Whitgiftians looking to a career in medicine and associated professions

Old Whitgiftians In The City – a closed group for OWs either working in the City or interested in pursuing a career in the City

Old Whitgiftian Association – a public group, currently consisting of nearly 2,000 OWs. A great place to post requests for work experience, internship or careers help


Whitgift School Careers Department – LinkedIn profile for the Whitgift School Careers department

Whitgift School Alumni – a group for OWs to share work placement requests and job opportunities


Please CLICK HERE to view current vacancies at Whitgift School and within other Whitgift Foundation organisations.