OWGS Autumn Meeting

Royal Ashdown 4

The meeting will be held on a Sunday, 8th September at Royal Ashdown, starting at 1.30pm, in the hope that that will enable those who work during the week to join us. We have plenty of starting spaces available (about 42 in all) so there should be plenty of room for everyone. We are also allowing a choice of which of Ashdown’s courses to play; the Old or the West. This is because some members found last year that, whilst they like the venue, the carries on the Old Course are a little difficult for them, so the choice is there to play the West Course instead.

This year’s event will be the first opportunity to contest the new Autumn Cup, which you may recall was presented to the society last year jointly by our President, Mike Spanswick, and the then OWA President, Pip Burley. That event proved very popular and of course we hope to build on its success this year, by getting even more people along. We will also be promoting the event through the new WA structure.

The entry fees are £55 for the Old Course and £45 for the West Course, both of which include a three-course meal after the golf, and prizes. Potential new members will get a discount of £15 from their entry fee (£30 if they are under 35). Please note that payment by telephone or internet is preferred (using the account details on the entry form) – please include the word ‘Ashdown’ in the reference as well as your name, if you choose this method for payment.

Members of Royal Ashdown need only pay £25 as an entry fee, to cover the catering and prizes.

Please click here to download and print an entry form or click here to download and email entry form.


(Images courtesy of the Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club website.)


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