Dr Christopher Barnett is retiring after 26 years at Whitgift. As we wish him the very best in his future endeavours, he offers us this farewell…

With just days now remaining, my time at Whitgift is almost complete. It has been a great privilege to serve as the 26th Headmaster for the past 26 years. Whitgift has been a passion for me, as I have constantly sought to introduce exciting initiatives and to develop the all-round education offered to make it equal or surpass the finest available nationally. I am immensely appreciative of the exceptional commitment that so many of my colleagues on the teaching and support staff have made to Whitgift, and I know the pride that current and former students feel in their School and its achievements; Whitgift has grown in scale and stature alike, reaching new heights with its academic performance, and with brilliance in its sport, music, drama and a wide range of activities.

I have greatly valued my contact with the OWA, latterly the WA, and the chance to get to know so many Old Whitgiftians from earlier decades; I was therefore deeply grateful to be given an honorary life membership of the Association by the President at this year’s annual dinner. I look forward to keeping in close touch with OWs and also to endeavouring to help in any way that I can with the on-going bursary appeal.

Finally, having responded on so many occasions to the toast ‘Floreat Domus’, I would like to conclude by proposing it. May Whitgift flourish, may it continue to go from strength to strength, as it enters its 418th year, and may we all, in any way that we can, continue to support our wonderful school and its fine students.

Dr Christopher Barnett