From the President

The light at the end of the tunnel burns ever brighter and I really hope we are on the last lap out of this lockdown nightmare back to normality and OW action.

But change is on the way with an exciting new chapter starting in the life of our Old Boys Association with the establishment of the Alumni Office at the School. The changes are being fully discussed in the main committee and slowly implemented with the first one being the transfer to the School of this newsletter. So after 395 editions over some 56 years it is Goodbye from us Old Boys and Hello to the new team of the Alumni Office now comfortably housed in the front drive gatehouse.

Thomas Northcote, the new Alumni Director, has asked that all members make sure that their email address is known to the Alumni Office to facilitate the electronic transmission of the new format newsletter so as to keep abreast of all the news, forthcoming alumni events and reunions .One immediate benefit from the new team is the tracing of over 1,000 email addresses of “lost” OWs, bringing them back into contact.

Please bear in mind that the SW Dinner is still planned to go ahead on Saturday 9th October in Tiverton and all OWs in the greater vicinity are welcome, with the details due to be sent out in the near future. I am pleased to report that Thomas Northcote has agreed to attend and update everyone on the current status of the department. Also please note the Keith Smith Memorial Dinner being held to celebrate his involvement, leadership and success with the School CCF.

Richard Blundell OW (1956-63)
WA President