Whitgift Veterans Rifle Club Report

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Welcome dear reader to the Veterans’ first report of 2017. Over the cold part of the year there is obviously not too much to report re the Club’s shooting activities, with the exception of course of our Small Bore competitions. With regard to which, we are shortly to complete the final two rounds of the Surrey Winter League, thus full results will be available in the next report.

A somewhat belated report on our 2016 Christmas Shoot: this very demanding event – for the Talbot-Smith Trophy – was won by Rob Beere (2000-205), with a narrow margin of just 4 points ahead of Rob Price (1978-86) with John Twyford (1956-64) in 3rd place.

Because of the advanced skills now required for this shoot, it has been decided to return to the format of a fun Christmas Shoot for all levels from this December, with the Talbot-Smith shoot (a serious event) being held on a separate evening, possibly in April or May.

Regarding our forthcoming Full Bore season at Bisley, we shall be holding our first practice day shoot on 18 March, as usual we anticipate a good turnout for the chance to blow away the cobwebs after over 6 months away from the ranges!

This will be followed in April by the first of our 6 Full Bore contests, namely the initial round of the LMRA Championship on the 9th with the LMRA Veterans match on the 29th.

The Veterans’ AGM, on 28 March, will see Simon Lacey handing over the reins as Hon. Sec. to Mark Collins. Simon, from my memory, has held this extremely demanding role for some 5 plus years, incorporating as it does ever increasing bureaucracy from on high, together with the usual responsibilities the job entails. Many thanks Simon from all of us for doing a brilliant job and good luck to Mark as your ideal successor.

The Whitgift School Rifle Club maintains its momentum under the excellent leadership of staff members Peter Morrison and Tom Stead, with continued assistance from members of the Vets, namely Jack Furtado (1951-56), Ian Todd (1947-54) and Henry Parritt (2009-2016).

Like all clubs and societies, the Vets’ longevity [121 years] and continuance relies on a loyal and supportive membership and it is good to report that an influx of new members – mainly from the school – has actively boosted our numbers.

I should like to remind readers that the Vets. is open to all OWs, plus former and current – full or part time – members of the Teaching, CCF and WA staff, including family members thereof.

The Veterans’ Small Bore shooting activity takes place every Tuesday evening throughout the year at the school range [19.00 – 21.00 app.] with a shorter session on most Thursdays.

Given the above, if any of you have a yearn to follow up a chance to re-discover old shooting abilities, or indeed give it a try for the first time, please contact Simon Lacey or Mark Collins secretary@wvrc.org.uk or have a look at the WVRC entry in the WA website under Affiliated Societies.
All equipment is provided along with coaching and advice!!

Roll on Spring…

Alan Hunter OW (1952-59)

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