Whitgift Veterans Rifle Club Report – August 2017

In my last scribe I covered in some detail, the results and scores of the Veterans‘ Full Bore season, but with the exception of the NRA Schools Veterans match. This, our final Bisley competition of the summer, was held as usual on the 2nd Thursday of July with slightly dismal weather but not as such to be a problem

This match comprised one shoot at 500 yards for which we entered 3 teams of 5, thanks to the joint efforts of Graham Clark OW (1952-59) and Guy Hart OW (2000-07) in organizing the event on the range plus all the significant preparation beforehand – hard work!

This year some 45 clubs took part, fielding between them nearly 100 teams!

Without getting bogged down by the demon stats, it seems only fair to list how our 4 teams faired on the day, with best scores in brackets:-

A team 32 ex 45 (John Twyford 50.4):

B team 15 ex 30 (Jack Furtado 49.5):

C team 11 ex 23 (Paul Nalson 48.2).

Terrific shooting, with John Twyford OW (1956-64) winning the Reed Challenge Cup for the best Vets’ score of the day with his 50.4, together with The Hansell – the combination of all Vets LMRA, SRA and PSV competitions with a total of 238.14!

The informal after match dinner at the ‘Artists’, was the usual success despite some earlier doubts re the venue in view of the “difficulties” suffered with the Artists’ ongoing relationship with the NRA due to a rent increase.

All credit to Mark Collins OW (1979-86) for his fine tuning of the occasion in his new Club capacity and to Nick Hart for his regular successful organization of the raffle on the evening – with some interesting wins!

Worthy of mention here of course is Guy Hart OW (2000-07) the Club’s shooting Blue and International shot and his achievements so far in 2017. A regular member of the British Army Team – through his membership of the HAC – he has in 2017 competed in a whole series of major shooting events, including getting through to the second stage of HM Queens Prize… It was indeed my intention to incorporate a comprehensive update on Guy’s shooting achievements this year at the end of this report.

Unfortunately, time, space and other factors have had to postpone this for another newsletter. Apologies Guy, but it will happen. We are fortunate indeed to have such a gifted shot in our club.

Further information regarding the WVRC and our activities can be found on the WA website… new members always welcome.

Alan Hunter OW (1952-59)