Whitgift Vets Rifle Club Report

Since my last submission, we have nearly completed our Summer Full Bore season having enjoyed, for once, some pretty reasonable weather conditions at Bisley which makes open range shooting far more tolerable given some of the early starts!

On 30th April, the Vets. entered two teams in the LMRA Schools Veterans Match over 300 and 600 yards. First shot in 1978 having been instigated – and the winner’s trophy provided – by the WVRC. The winners were Old Haberdashers, with our ‘A’ Team finishing in 2nd place and the ’B’ team coming 4th. The leading scorers were Simon Lacey for the ‘A’ team with 97.4 and Martin Clark for the ‘B’ Team with 91.3.

On 15th May, we shot the 2nd round of the LMRA League, over the familiar 300 and 600 yards, finishing in our usual 2nd place within our division, identical to the past 2 years. Beaten by Parthians, but on this occasion ahead of Old Haberdashers. Nick Harman and Bob Jackson were our leading shots with 97.07 and 95.07, respectively.

The third and final round of the LMRA took place on 5th June, over 900 and 1,000 yards. A chilly and misty morning to start with, but as the day progressed it became bright, warm and sunny. As an extra bonus it stayed dry all day… joy of joys! Unfortunately, we were unable to get in the medals, mainly as a result of running out of time due to problems with our marker! However, we did finish in 2nd position on aggregate over the three rounds. Ian Todd was the winner of the Long Range Cup this year with a very creditable 47.4 at both distances. 

All credit and thanks to those members who have so far this year represented the Vets. so well in the Full Bore events, having also made some early morning starts to several of these Bisley matches. Namely, Graham and Martin Clark, Jack Furtado, Max Gennari, Nick Harman, Bob Jackson, Simon Lacey, Paul Nalson, and David Westnedge… apologies if I have forgotten anyone! Thanks of course go to Graham Clark, as usual, for his organisational skills for the Vets. in these matches.

Our final Bisley competition of the season is the National Rifle Association SV, to be held on the afternoon of Thursday 14th July with one shoot at 500 yards, for which we are entering a most commendable 4 teams of 5. This event will be followed by the annual informal dinner at the Artists Rifles club house, for which over 30 members and guests have so far signed up, bringing our annual FB competition calendar to the usual convivial conclusion.

The Whitgift School Rifle Club maintains its momentum under the excellent leadership of staff members Peter Morrison and Tom Stead, with some assistance from the Vets. At this time of year however, exams etc. are affecting some of the weekly Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon shoots for the obvious reasons. Their standard of shooting continues to impress!

With regards to Small Bore shooting, I am happy to report that the work necessary to the school range has been completed. Enabling our Summer League competition to commence on time, of which more in my next submission.

Like all clubs and societies, the Vets’ longevity [120 years] and continuance relies on a loyal and supportive membership and it is good to report that an influx of new members is actively boosting our numbers. I should like to remind readers that the Vets. is open to all OWs, plus former and current members of the Teaching, CCF and WA staff, including family members thereof.

The Veterans’ Small Bore shooting activity takes place every Tuesday evening throughout the year at the school range, from 7pm.

Given the above, if any of you have a yearn to follow up a chance to re-discover old shooting abilities, or indeed give it a try for the first time, please contact Simon Lacey at secretary@wvrc.org.uk or have a look at the WVRC entry in the WA website under Affiliated Societies.

All equipment is provided along with coaching and advice!

Alan Hunter OW (1952-59)