Whitgiftian Association Trust – Bursary Appeal

Some of us were fortunate to have attended Whitgift on a scholarship or bursary, in hindsight an extraordinary privilege made possible by the Foundation fulfilling John Whitgift’s edict that his schools should be accessible to all children within the Croydon community. Indeed, for many years, the Whitgift Foundation has funded the education of thousands of boys whose parents quite simply could not afford the fees. Even in today’s austere financial climate, the Foundation is funding bursaries at Whitgift to the tune of over £2m a year.

Sadly, however, this fund is no longer meeting demand for bursaries and many local, able boys from low income homes are prohibited from an education at Whitgift.

Having benefitted from a first class education and gone on to have successful fulfilling careers and rewarding friendships, many Old Whitgiftians are keen to help sustain the tradition of bursary support at Whitgift and as such we have launched the Whitgiftian Association Bursary Appeal.

OWs have been extremely generous giving individual donations and setting up regular contributions to the Appeal. What could be more rewarding than transforming the life of an able, local boy from a low income family, by giving him the chance of an education at Whitgift? We do hope you will help with whatever you can afford. We also need venues for fundraising events so would be very grateful for any assistance in that regard.

Please contact Naomi Newstead (pictured) at the WA office for more information or to make a donation to the Appeal. Many thanks.