WHOOSH (cont…)

Remarkably the Eckenhoff family (who are in fact all eminent medics) have been back in contact from the States via the good offices of Nigel Platts (OW archivist extraordinaire), reminiscing over the time Ben spent at Whitgift although sadly he himself has passed away.

So to complete the story here is the explanation of this clever rugby move:-

At an attacking penalty inside the 25 John Spanswick would stand over the ball whilst gathering his pack of forwards behind him which would arouse the interest of the opposition defence, but when he took the tap penalty, he quickly threw the ball backwards, torpedo style across the field into the waiting arms of the centre who could then stroll over the try line unopposed. At the next penalty while John stood over the ball, the centre would draw attention to himself again arousing the interest of the defence, but when he took the tap he held the ball aloft behind him from where the second row would collect it at speed and crash over the try line. And at the next penalty the opposition were, shall we say, confused as to what to do for the best!

Thankfully Gerwyn’s legacy to Rugby lives on with his hooker throw into the lineout, the 10/12-man pushover try and of course the scrummaging machine which tragically he did not patent for himself.

Mention must also be made of his introduction of the post-match, fabulous spectators’ teas initially held in the North Field pavilion which were of such high quality, thanks to the 1stXV team’s mothers, that Whitgift hospitality became legendary around the circuit.

Happy days!