1948-49 Prefects Meet for the Last Time

On Thursday, 17th October, the prefects of 1948-1949 will be celebrating their last reunion lunch, to be held at the School at the Headmaster’s invitation.

Roy Lewis, Past President of the Association, and long-standing organiser of the event, explained that out of the original 27 prefects from that time, only 18 are left. “We’ve had more than twenty reunions over a 55 year period and it’s got to the stage now where we don’t know who may or may not turn up!” said Roy.

Their first reunion took place in 1958, followed by three further lunches or dinners in the years that followed until 1978 when they became bi-annual and, more recently, annual.

“Some of us travel a considerable distance to attend and that gets harder as the years go by. There comes a time when you know you have to call it a day. Still, we are extremely proud of our record.”

The group will join the Headmaster in his study for drinks prior to making their way to the Old Library for lunch.