Challenge Cup 2016


Please see below for results from each round of the Challenge Cup 2016.

Congratulations to David Hughes, overall winner.


First round (32) Second round (16) Quarter final (8) Semi-final Final
by 15th May by 20th June by 1st August 10th September
Terry Newman Ian Chicken
Ian Chicken
vs. Nigel Huxtable
Jeremy Stanyard Nigel Huxtable
Nigel Huxtable
vs.  Nigel Huxtable
Martin Down Martin Down
David Straw
John Grima John Grima Martin Down  Nigel Huxtable
John Butler
Robert Hollidge
vs. Robert Hollidge  Robert Hollidge
Mike Spanswick
David Absalom
vs. David Absalom
Peter Jones
David Hughes David Hughes
Martin Clews
vs. David Hughes  David Hughes
Giles Maberley
Alan Blok
vs. Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley  *David Hughes
Tony Fuller
vs. Peter Blok
Peter Blok
vs.  Peter Blok
Roger Oldfield Roger Oldfield
Dudley Thompson
vs. Roger Oldfield
Tony Harris Peter Gale
Peter Gale

* Overall winner

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