Darling Buds of May Concert

The evening of Friday 10th October 2014 brought a truly unique event to Big School: A concert of music from the hit TV series, The Darling Buds of May, presented by Old Whitgiftian and WA Chairman, Pip Burley, who was Executive Producer of the show and composer of some of the music.

The School’s Chamber Orchestra were supplemented by members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, providing a wonderful learning experience for the boys.

Pip talked the audience through the creation of the series, the discovery of the now superstar, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and invited special guests to talk about their memories and experiences of the production. He was joined by Barrie Guard, Musical Director and co-composer of the TV shows’ music and by actress, Abigail Rokison (daughter of OW Ken Rokison QC) who played Primrose in the second series (pictured right).

Whitgift’s Director of Orchestral Music, Mr Philip Winter, also joined Pip for an interview and was complemented on the extremely high standard of the performance. Much to Pip’s delight, the orchestra was the largest to ever play the show’s music, and included a percussionist who had played on the original recording all those years ago.

This was a truly magical evening, long to be remembered by all who had the pleasure of attending.