Golf Society News

With some trepidation, given current weather patterns, over twenty society golfers will set off for Deal on the Kent coast to contest the 2020 Scratch Cup on March 1st. In part at least, this serves as a trial for the Halford Hewitt team, and so it is limited to the best, and no doubt hardiest, golfers the school has produced. Assuming your correspondent survives (and I will only be watching), a report will feature in the next newsletter.

Also in that newsletter should be a report on the Halford Hewitt itself. Whitgift has been drawn against Wellingborough in the first round on Thursday 2nd April, and will be looking for its 100th match win in the competition, in which the school first featured in 1935. Why not come along and support the team as they try to secure this little bit of history? All you need is an alarm clock (the match starts at 7.45am), a SatNav set for Royal St George’s, Sandwich, and potentially some warm clothing.

There will be lunch with the team afterwards in the RSG clubhouse, and hopefully they will all be fit and well. The last time we played Wellingborough, in 1963, Ian Caldwell broke his wrist on the 18th trying to extract his partner’s ball from some particularly thick rough. The records do indicate which partner put him there, but this article does not!

The first of the society’s four open meetings is also in April, but at the end of the month on the 28th. It is Captain’s Day, at West Hill Golf Club. If you wish to participate in our events, and/or join the society, you should contact the secretary at All levels of handicap are equally welcome.

Peter Gale (Hon Sec) OW (1963-69)