(Nearly) 50 Years On!

L to r: John Bowerman-Davies, Howard Bairstow, Chris Palmer, David Munns

Howard Bairstow (1958-66), David Munns (1959-66), Chris Palmer (1959-66) and I were at Whitgift together. I started at Whitgift in 1958, and left at the end of the school year in 1966. My path there was not worthy of much note, since both academics and sport were not my highlights!

Our meeting came about after we had all re-discovered each other – due to the diligence of David – who burrowed deep into the internet a few years ago to research our email addresses and other details. We first met up about three years ago during a visit to the UK by my wife and myself, from our home in Kentucky, USA. As soon as I had my English travel plans together this time, I contacted David again.

Since David lives on the coast in Essex, and Chris lives in the West Country, it seemed logical for us to meet in the middle at Newbury – where Howard is now the mayor!

The others stayed with Howard and his wife, whilst we stayed at the Furze Bush Inn, where both the rooms and bar were very comfortable!

Fortunately David acted as our chauffeur, picking us up at Heathrow, and depositing us at the railway station the next day.

We truly had a splendid time and I hope they will come and visit us in Kentucky soon.

In fact, I would really like to see more of the OWs resident in North America. Or if you have plans that call for a trip to North America, please do contact me. My mobile number is 1-215-219-5111, and my email is jbdwine@juno.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Adeste laetis animis…

John Bowerman-Davis (OW 1959-66)