Old Whitgiftians Remember

Old Whitgiftians and friends of the Raeburn Library at Whitgift School were brought together on Friday 21st June for the launch of “Memories of Whitgift – The Boys’ Own Tales”, now available to purchase online for £20 plus p&p.


Author Peter Cox together with Whitgiftian Association Chairman, Pip Burley and three current Whitgift pupils, performed extracts from the book, recounting the humour, tragedies and intellectual witticism of Whitgiftians over the years 1880-1980. Spanning historical milestones including the move into the “new” school and two world wars, the audience was treated to a performance full of emotion, sentiment and touching memories for all. Aspects of school life from capital punishment to school dinners and the Great Desk Swap of 1960 were humorously portrayed giving a true flavour of life at Whitgift to those audience members who were not lucky enough to have been pupils.


Amongst the many Old Whitgiftians present were distinguished England cricketer Raman Subba Row and Whitgift masters John Branston and Bob Schad.


After the performance, Atiya Afghan, Head Librarian invited guests to browse the Archive’s new research and display room. Mrs Melissa John has kindly loaned the school a collection from the estate of the late John ‘Cats Eyes’ Cunningham (Old Whitgiftian, Night Fighter pilot WWII), which the events’ attendance had an exclusive opportunity to view.


Copies of “Memories of Whitgift” can be purchased online or download an order form if you’d prefer to pay by cheque.