Class of 1970 reunions

A very warm Tuesday 3rd July saw the latest of the Class of 1970 reunions at the Skimmington Castle in

1960 Prefects – 58th Reunion

You have in the past heard from Tim Forbes and Robert Kibble about the occasional reunions of former inhabitants of

30 Years on: Class of ’88 Gather at School to Celebrate

30 Years On: Class of ’88 Gather at School to Celebrate Blessed with glorious, warm sunshine and blue skies, almost

1959 Prefects Reunion

On Thursday 13th July, OWs attended the 58th Reunion of the 1959 prefects’ room. The reunion was held at the

1957 Leavers Reunion Event

Rev Dr Richard Buxton and OWs gathered at the School on Friday 2nd June for lunch in the Old Library

Class of 1970 Reunion

The winter meeting of the “Class of 1970” was held at the Skimmington Castle on January 20th. In addition to

(Nearly) 50 Years On!

Howard Bairstow (1958-66), David Munns (1959-66), Chris Palmer (1959-66) and I were at Whitgift together. I started at Whitgift in

1960 Prefects Reunion

The first reunion of the 1960 (summer) Prefects’ Room was the 50th, in 2010, following the precedent set the previous

Founder’s Day 2015 – Reunion in New Zealand

Three OWs and an Old-Midwhitgiftian met at Speaker’s Corner Ale House in Auckland, New Zealand, for a celebratory Founder’s Day

“Old Codgers” Reunion

At last, after months of emails around the world, a small bunch of octogenarian OW’s managed to meet up for nostalgic

1992-1995 Reunion at Whitgift School

Over 30 OWs who left Whitgift between 1992 and 1995 assembled for supper in the Old Library on Saturday 26th

Inaugural Founder’s Day New Zealand Reunion

The 22nd March was celebrated in Auckland this year at the inaugural New Zealand Founder’s Day Meetup! Seven Old Whitgiftians