Whitgift Prefects of 1948/49

The Prefects of 1948/49 continued their series of re-unions with a luncheon at the Royal Air Force Club on 11 October, where they were accompanied by their ladies. A total of 26 sat down to lunch, including our guests the Headmaster and Laura Barnett, Anne-Marie Tilly (Chris’s widow) and SabineTilly (Chris’s daughter). Messages were received from those other 48/49ers who were unable to be present, including John Lovis who made it very clear in his letter how badly the earthquake had affected Christchurch, New Zealand, where he now resides.

The Headmaster told us of some of the countless activities now undertaken at the School, leaving us in no doubt that Whitgift is in good hands and achieving remarkable standards in so many fields. When he described some of the financial issues and how they had been resolved one or two of us wondered if he felt like a spell in HM Treasury.

After lunch we discussed the future of our re-unions. We have enjoyed (in every way) a long innings since our appointments in 1948 but our numbers are diminishing and not everyone is fit enough to attend. Sadly that situation can only worse. We decided therefore that next year, 2013, will be our last re-union. The Headmaster very kindly offered to host our gathering at the School and even said that those requiring overnight accommodation would be welcome to make use of the new boarding house. Back in 1948 who would have thought that to be possible?

Sixty five years. We shall be proud to leave that as a target for future Prefects. Perhaps the current School Prefects will note that means they will catch us up in 2077!