An Appeal from Headmaster, Dr Barnett

Dear Old Whitgiftians,

Preparations are well under way for a major exhibition, Remembering 1916 – Life on the Western Front, which will open in March 2016.  It will be designed and directed by the School and, in addition to focusing on 1916, will also cover the War as a whole, and life on the Home Front.  There will be displays relating to Edwardian England and the world before the War, as well as to Croydon and the surrounding areas at that time.  The Exhibition will be on a similar scale to Hidden Treasures from the Mary Rose, which the School presented in 2009; this drew critical acclaim and attracted 35,000 visitors, 11,000 children.

I do hope that as many Old Whitgiftians as possible will wish not only to visit, but also to have a personal involvement with the Exhibition.  251 Old Whitgiftians lost their lives in The Great War.  This exhibition will be a tribute to them, and their sacrifice.  There will be many opportunities to be involved, including by volunteering to help with the staffing, or by generously sponsoring a particular display case or feature of the Exhibition.

I would also be very keen to hear from you (or if you are a young OW, from your family members) if you have in your possession any material, artefacts, furniture, letters, or costume from the period 1900-1920, which might be suitable to be lent to the School to exhibit.  We are keen to present a typical Edwardian Room, together with a series of topics relating to the War and the stories of particular individuals.  If you have anything relevant, whether it has pride of place in your house or is currently languishing in the attic or the garage, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please do get in touch.*

Please visit the website,

It would be a tremendous tribute to our former students if a very large number of their successors in the School were able to make it a priority to support this major school event.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely

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Dr C A Barnett

*Please contact the Headmaster’s Executive Assistant, Mrs Tates Lisoire on 020 8688 9222 or email