South West Area Dinner

On 29th June, 29 Old Whitgiftians and their wives and partners descended on the Tiverton Hotel for the first South West Area dinner to be held for many years.

This event had long been a regular feature of the OW calendar but for various reasons it had dropped into non-existence some years ago.

The decision to revive it proved highly successful.

There is a significant number of OWs living in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Avon and responses to an initial enquiry put out to them towards the end of last year suggested there could be sufficient interest to justify resurrecting a South West Area event.

Tiverton, with its good road and rail connections and being reasonably central to the area, seemed like a good location, and this certainly proved to be the case.

Somewhat to the organiser’s surprise all 29 people who said they were coming arrived at the right time, in the right place, on the right day – and an excellent evening of eating, drinking and socialising was enjoyed by all.

This newly resurrected event was honoured by the presence of all the Association’s top people – Stuart Woodrow, President; Pip Burley, Chairman; and Alan Cowing, Chairman of the Whitgift Sports Club. Each spoke briefly about current events and future plans for both Haling Park and Croham Road – news of particular interest for many of those present who no longer have much personal contact with ‘Head Office.’

The evening concluded with the gentlemen standing to sing Carmen, while our female partners sat beside us displaying expressions which ranged from bemused to tolerant.

Well, the evening didn’t quite end then because the bar was still open …