Chairman’s Message

Change can often be unsettling – new people, new ideas and new ways of working. However, it also is a time of great opportunity – to refresh, renew and refocus.

That’s where Whitgift stands now as we welcome the school’s new Headmaster, Christopher Ramsey. Dr Barnett, who we also welcome as an Honorary WA member, drove the school forward in both academic and co-curricular areas so that Whitgift is rightly regarded as one of the country’s elite schools.

It seems a wonderful place to start and surely is a great foundation, but we all look forward to learning how Mr Ramsey plans to develop and advance the school further.

Amidst this change, one thing is certain and that’s the desire of the Whitgiftian Association to work closely with the School to ensure we meet the needs of our old boys and also help find ways through our Bursary Appeal to ensure those who reach the academic standard are able to attend the School regardless of financial circumstances.

I’m looking forward to meeting our new Headmaster and strengthening the ties between Whitgift and its alumni. Change, it seems, is also an exciting time.

Jonathan Bunn, OW (1980-88)
WA Chairman