Whitgift Headmaster Announces Retirement

Dr Christopher Barnett, Headmaster of Whitgift since 1991, has announced that he will retire at the end of August 2017.

The content of the letter from the Whitgift Foundation is copied below:-


“We write on behalf of the Governors of the Whitgift Foundation and the School Committee to advise you that, after nearly a quarter of a century of exemplary service to Whitgift, Dr Barnett has confirmed to us that he will retire at the end of August 2017.

Dr Barnett was appointed Head of Whitgift in summer 1991, and the School has flourished under his vision and leadership, to become one of the leading independent schools in the country.  Whitgift’s achievements over the years have been outstanding in every aspect.  The academic strength of the School is renowned, and this is confirmed by successful entry into leading universities, year after year.  Dr Barnett has demonstrated a real passion for sport, music and the arts, and Whitgift’s reputation in these areas is widely admired, and many boys have benefitted throughout his time as Headmaster.

There has been a wide range of significant achievements and exceptional innovation at the School, ranging from the development of a state-of-the-art sports complex and an outstanding boarding facility, to the enhancement of the School’s beautiful grounds, with the provision of the Water Gardens and the Founder’s Garden.  This will continue, and the Governors are presently considering developments to science teaching facilities, improvements to our performing arts area, and the plans to utilise the grounds further, to extend the sporting facilities.

Governors will commence recruitment of Dr Barnett’s successor later next term, and undertake to make this appointment as soon as possible, to ensure that a new Head is in place for September 2017, continuing Whitgift’s standing as one of Britain’s finest independent schools.

On behalf of the Governors, we take this opportunity to thank Dr Barnett for his many great achievements, and for giving outstanding service to Whitgift.”