I have been avidly devouring your book, or at least parts of it, a copy of which reached me this morning. I must congratulate you on its presentation. I had expected something of A4 size with a soft cover, but this is a real hardback book complete with dust jacket, a dying breed nowadays, alas.

Raymond Turley


I now have my copy of Memories of Whitgift – and have hardly been able to put it down!  It really is a superb piece of work – well worth the long hours and hard work you must have put into it.  It is also beautifully produced.

Peter Ridley (1949-57)


I have read, and re-read some parts of, Memories of Whitgift and enjoyed it enormously. It really is a wonderful compilation and great fun as well as being informative.

Richard Emeny (1953-60)


I have now received my copy of “Memories of Whitgift” and I just wanted to write and congratulate you on a superb production. It is absolutely marvellous and as soon as it arrived I settled into it and couldn’t put it down. I particularly enjoyed reading the paragraphs about the masters I knew. I remember them so well, and it brought back many memories.

Pat Dawson-Taylor (Headmasters’ Secretary 1969-1996)


I am writing to say what an excellent job you have made of it – and very quickly, given the task you had of making a ‘good read’ out of doubtless very many jottings and longer offerings. Reading excerpts from the book took me back half a century and more, as you clearly found yourself. Dipping into the book at many places has in turn stimulated my little grey cells to recall more, deeper-buried, memories of people, places, and times. I’m sure the book will be having the same effect on many others. Scope for a sequel?!

Michael Bussell (1955-62)


…Fantastic! Of course as soon as I started to look through the various sections, more memories started to come flooding back —  perhaps you’ll have to have to publish another volume! Very many congratulations on a superlative achievement.

Nigel Turner (1954-62)


A huge ‘well done’ for the book! I’m finding it extremely difficult to put down. On several occasions I was helpless with laughter at some of the things my colleagues got up to. I was particularly pleased to find appreciative reminiscences of many masters who I had considered lazy and barely competent. On reflection it was of course, I who was lazy and incompetent and unusually immature. To be honest, I can’t say that I have ever really grown up, though my incendiary days are now well behind me.

David Chaput de Saintonge (1952-60)


I’ve just read the excerpts of your fine book.  It gets a vital message across: To enjoy one’s schooldays as much as possible, since such a happy time will never be repeated. I think you have started something – your book may stimulate more reminiscences and may need another edition as time goes by.  Then another edition as Whitgift has more to add, and maybe in the years to come you will pass stewardship of it over to another OW who will take the same time and trouble as you to write such a caring record.

Toby Duffell (1962-70)


My copy has just arrived, but I can hardly get it away from my wife! From what I have seen so far, it looks to be an amazing effort. Reading it will keep me happy for a long time to come.

Peter Kennett (1950-56)


Many congratulations!  A magnificent compilation to which I keep returning!

Tony Stockwell (1954-62)


I have had enormous enjoyment dipping in and out of the chapters: great and forgotten names and events are recalled and remembered … the photos are terrific and your trawl through The Whigiftian has paid off handsomely.

Alastair Lack (1955-63)


I started reading the book on Sunday and am up to teachers in the 1950s.  What has come across to me so far is just how brutal the School used to be! We were well aware as school kids that beatings used to dished out by prefects, but I had no idea that the cane was used so frequently and with such relish by teachers.  I saw the name Mickey Bauer in one story.  I was in the same year as his eldest so I shall forward on your email to him.

Nick Somers (1984-89)